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Jan 18, 2013 7:00am EST
the dogs. >> reporter: who? >> the government. >> a witness who has no reason to lie says greg faull said he's going to kill the dogs. >> he drank a lot. he always said that. i know he is not the person who killed my dogs. the government poisoned the dogs. >> so who killed greg faull? >> how would i know? >> the whole point is that this is a story about a murder. >> for me, it is not. >> two months after it all began, john mcafee is back in the states, making movie deals while greg faull's father told us the family is still waiting for answers that may never come. >> it almost feels hopeless, because it's a foreign country. i don't know how to handle it. >> reporter: but it's desperately important to know? >> his whole family is just terribly broken up. we all are. >> reporter: for "today," i'm keith morrison, nbc news, los angeles. >> you can see much more of keith's story tonight on "dateline" at 9:00, 8:00 central time here on nbc. >>> up next, the reason behind your incredibly shrinking paycheck, right after this. one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the b
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am EST
it is rebooking passengers onto other aircraft but because other governments followed the faa's lead on safety actions, all 50 787s worldwide are now grounded. it is a dramatic action. by grounding boeing's troubled 787 fleet, the faa has elevated boeing's problems toon all-out safety emergency. the action coming after wednesday's full evacuation of an ama 787 after the pilot thought he smelled smoke. last week, a fire in the battery rack of a parked 787 in boston. now, the faa's emergency air worthiness directive. before further flight i prifrts boeing 787 aircraft must demonstrate to the faa that the batteries are safe and in compliance. >> is serious. we have had two events were there have been smoke and potential fire on board and so i think everybody's responding appropriately. >> reporter: wednesday's problems of located near the lithium batteries in the forward bay underneath the flight deck behind the nose. last week's fire was located behind the wings and the 787's aft electrical bay. the lithium batteries there that runt auxiliary power unit were severely burned and charred. lithium
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am PST
firearms, then the government could force them to sell those guns back to the government. >> let's talk about the proposals -- fair enough. let's talk about what's been proposed by the president. starting with universal background checks. why would it not be in the interest of the nra, again, which represents law-abiding gun owners to have more background checks so guns don't fall into the hands of criminals or people with mental problems, which makes law-abiding gun owners look bad? >> as you know, savannah, the nra is a long-term supporter of the background system of people who go to gun shops and buy firearms. back the last time we had this dispute, you will recall that a lot of the rhetoric surround what the government likes to call the gun show loophole. which means that if you and i go to a gun show and sell one another a gun, since neither one of us are dealers, a private transaction, doesn't have to go through the system. not a lot of guns are sold that way, but we suggested that the government, if they wanted to, could have a booth at a gun show, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco,
Jan 19, 2013 5:00am PST
the various governing bodies cut him any slack at this point? >> i think it's unlikely. i'm surprised, he's 41 years old. if the motivation for all of this is to get back into sports, it would be years before he'd be allowed to do that. by the way, the civil ramifications are also hugely significant here. he's worth about $100 million reportedly. and just one lawsuit alone, a federal whistleblower case going on, he could be looking at more than $90 million in damages. triple damages in that case if it continues to go forward. he could be completely wiped out financially. >> right. he said he lost $75 million in sponsorships in one day. could those sponsors that counted on him and dropped him sue him? >> yes. there are so many legal ramifications, we can't go into them all. yes, the sponsorships, defamation case, whistleblower case. all of the people he sued because he said they were liars, and they paid him money, he should have to return that with interest and attorneys' fees. >> thank you for being part of the discussion. appreciate it. erica? >>> thanks. turning to the hostage situation in
Jan 20, 2013 8:00am EST
but at a price. at least 23 hostages died. the algerian government says this figure will rise. this video is said to have been shot on a cell phone by a hostage freed by the algerian army walking past his dead colleagues. nbc news has not been able to verify its authenticity. inside the plant, soldiers found an arsenal of weapons left by the militants. hostages tell of extreme brutality of having explosives strapped to their chest. david cameron, british prime minister, outraged. >> we need to work with others to defeat the terrorists. >> reporter: burnt-out wreckage sits on the road close to the plant and the algerian army continues to search the site. they fear terrorists may still be hiding out. >>> a scary moment in bulgaria as a gunman tries to assassinate a politician at point blank rank. he was right there. luckily, the gun jammed giving the speaker, the security and the crowd time to grab the would-be assassin. the gunman is a bulgarian of turkish dissent >>> two great hall of famers in baseball have passed away. stan "the man" played 12 seasons with the cardinals. he was award the presid
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am EST
the american people that their government could work for them again. a lot of those things did not happen in the last four years. do you think he might acknowledge the shortcomings? >> reporter: i'm told that he is going to try to acknowledge it, but at the same time be a little more realistic. i think one of the phrases being used is pragmatic hope, if you will. it's not the same hope and change, not the same expectations that were set four years ago. some realism, but at the same time realizing that actually the country wants this. we saw it in our own poll, matt, nbc wall street journal poll, the number one message that folks wanted to send, particularly to congress, was work together. >> yeah. >> reporter: compromise. >> chuck todd at the white house. we'll be with you a lot today. thank you very much. >>> nbc's willie geist is here as well. he's along the parade route at the u.s. naval memorial. did nobody tell you that the parade doesn't start for 7 1/2 hours? >> matt, the gates aren't even open yet. the crowds are waiting outside. they don't come in until 7:30. we did get here a li
Jan 15, 2013 7:00am PST
million. what are the potential civil implications for him? for one thing, the federal government has a whistleblower suit against him. >> brought by floyd landis, who armstrong and his people have called a liar, potential defamation charges, potential charges for defrauding sponsors like the u.s. postal service and others. and there's a british paper that armstrong sued when that paper called him a doper. he got a half million dollar judgment. they will want that money back along with attorneys' fees and interest. >> could they try to pull back, claw back that money now? >> absolutely. i'm sure his contracts all had a moral clause and specific clause banning the use of illegal drugs and providing for the money to be returned. they would have to sue him for that. do they want to do that? do they want that pr battle? this could keep lawyers in business for many, many years. i'm sure all of his attorneys were against it. legally, confession is a bad thing to do. morally, it's a fabulous thing to do. >> i was going to ask you real quickly whether you would have advised him to talk, but i
Jan 16, 2013 7:00am PST
leaders are going beyond what president obama is likely to propose. government mark o'malley says he'll push for tighter gun laws in his state. and in new york, governor cuomo signed a sweeping gun bill into law on tuesday that was blasted, saying it will have no impact on public safety and crime. >> besides those new laws he wants congress to pass, he will announce some executive actions, including telling his justice department to go after those folks who failed background checks criminally go after and prosecute those people. >> you started, chuck, by saying this is sort of a once in a generation type of proposal in terms of its sweep. that's because the politics are so hard, as you just outlined. is there anything that's changed in terms of the dynamic that makes this more likely to pass? >> well, it depends on how they go about the order with which they try to get these proposals passed. if the assault weapons ban is the lead, i've had plenty of democrats tell me, then any new gun control measures, the whole thing will die. if they go after, say, and go in an order that says uni
Jan 20, 2013 6:00am PST
died. the government says this figure will rise. this broadcast on algerian television is set to be posted by cell phone. inside the plant soldiers found an arsenal of weapons left by the militants. hostages tell of extreme brutality, having explosives strapped to their chests. british prime minister david cameron outraged over the loss of life. >> we need to close down the space where they thrive. >> reporter: burn the out wreckage sets close to the gas plant. the algerian army continues to search the site. >>> a scary moment in bulgarian. a gunman tries to assassinate a politician at point-blank range. he was right there. the gun jammed giving the speaker, is from a turkish party. >>> two great hall of famers in baseball have passed away. stan the man played 22 seasons with the cardinals. .331 lifetime batting average and over 3,600 hits. he was a first ballad hall of famer and was awarded the presidential medal of freedom. he died of natural causes saturday at the age of 92. fiery manager earl weaver also died saturday. famous for a spirited verbal spats with umpires, we'll
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)